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Online Refills

Process your prescription refill requests quickly online.

Med/Refill Sync

Convenient way to have your prescriptions ready every month.

Free Delivery

Free local delivery available Monday through Friday.

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About Us

At Elvington Drug we are dedicated to providing quality medications along with courteous and personalized service. We are committed to our patients’ medical needs and work closely with providers to ensure our patients receive the best possible health care.  Excellence is our goal at Elvington Drug.

Elvington Drug is a Locally owned and operated Pharmacy in Cerro Gordo, NC. We are located in G&G Healthcare so as to conveniently serve you

Our Location

Elvington Drug

7490 Andrew Jackson Hwy SW,
Cerro Gordo, NC  28430

Phone: (910) 649-7721
Fax: (910) 649-6515

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm, Saturday 8:30am – 1:00pm, Sunday closed

Online Refills

I agree that the prescriptions I am submitting are only for the individual to whom they are prescribed. Elvington Drug reserves the right to validate any or all of my prescription refills due to the lack of personal validation and has the right to deny my prescription refills requests, until further validation is provided.Please fill in the form below and follow the directions provided. Your refill request will be sent securely to Elvington Drug. We will process the order and keep it at the pharmacy counter, and ready for pick up.

Monthly Meds/Refill Sync

Synchronize your prescriptions, and simplify your life with Med Sync! Med Sync is a convenient way to have all your prescriptions filled at the same time each month.

  • A week or so prior to your prescription getting refilled, you will receive a phone call from our pharmacy confirming which prescriptions are needed
  • We call your doctor for refills or work with your insurance company to eliminate hassles
  • We ensure you are taking the right medications each month by checking with you and your doctor to eliminate confusion
  • Your prescriptions are ready for pick-up or delivery before you run out


Free Delivery

If you are unable to get out and pick up your prescriptions, and live in Cerro Gordo area, please contact us about this program. For no cost to you, we will call you when your prescriptions are available and deliver them to you at home.

Just give us a call and ask for more information.

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